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Criteria and referral for video games from the Alex's Arcade Foundation:

Any child between the ages of 3 – 18 years of age who is dealing with a diagnosis of childhood cancer. may be eligible for video games provided by the Alex's Arcade Foundation.

Alex's Arcade will verify the child's diagnosis
The child must not have received  video games from any other organization

If you know of a child that meets the criteria listed above, he/she may be entitled for video games through the Alex's Arcade Foundation.

Please fill out the referral information below. To complete the form press send and we will be in contact with you.

In order to respect the privacy of the children and families we serve, children who may be eligible to receive video games from the Alex's Arcade Foundation a child can be referred by any of the following:

Medical professionals treating the child – such as doctors, nurses, social workers or child-life specialists
A parent or legal guardian of the potential child
The wish child himself/herself

If you know a child you would like to refer and you are not one of the above, you may provide the referral form to the appropriate source for completion.

Complete our Online Referral Form to refer a child or just call  the Alex's Arcade Foundation at 


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