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Board president & founder

James Craven

Vice president

Adam House


Nancy Craven


Becky House

Event Coordinator


James Jacks


Merlene Coletti


Alex Craven

Social Media Intern

Avianna Arapovic

Our board of directors is made up of people that are not only passionate about our organization, but passionate about spreading childhood cancer awareness.

Alex's diagnosis affected many of our board members as they are friends and family members of Alex, we never thought that cancer would affect any child that we knew, let a lone, a son, grandson, or a friends' child...But that's exactly what it did. 

Monday April 4th 2011, cancer brought that fight to us, that was the day Alex was diagnosed with cancer.

From that day forward we knew that no child or family would fight cancer alone. We followed Alex's lead as he inspired us in his fight with a smile on his face and a video game controller by his side.

Alex's Arcade became his idea to help other kids, he saw first hand that other children fighting cancer in the hospital didn't have the same means to escape the reality of being in the hospital, they didn't have that coping mechanism to use.

He would share his...

Alex asked..."What if we could put video games in all the rooms on the oncology floor and infusion center too?"

That's just what we plan to do!