Helping Kids Cope With Cancer


Alex's Arcade "Keep Calm and Game On" program is a great way to get children involved in charity work, helping other children, and spreading awareness of childhood cancers. Most children play video games or have parents play video games, and like most tech devices and toys there comes a time to upgrade or to buy the newest and greatest, leaving behind the older yet still usable and playable to collect dust.
Alex’s Arcade
“Keep Calm and Game On”
  Video Game Drive is a great way to teach kids that they can help make a difference in the lives of children with cancer. Essentially "Keep Calm and Game On" is Alex's Arcade's version of a video game drive.

How our program works:
All video games that Alex’s Arcade provides to children with cancer must be new and in the original packaging for sterile purposes.Alex’s Arcade provide video games and systems to Children’s Hospitals and to children directly through recommendations of organizations and agencies.
Used video game and system donations are used as monetary donations, Alex’s Arcade exchanges or trade in used games for new. Alex’s Arcade works with local video game businesses to ensure the best trade in value.

Schools Can Help Alex’s Arcade “Keep Calm and Game On” Video Game Drive:

Kids of All Ages Love Winning Contests

Elementary Schools:
Each class in each grade is a “Donation Station”. The class the collects the most games in their “Donation Station” in the designated time wins either a donut party, pizza party, or a comfy clothes day (determined by the school admin.)
The class with the best decorated “Donation Station” also wins a consolation prize.

Middle/High School:
Similar to the elementary school, but instead of each class in each grade it’s a designated hour of the day. The class for that hour of the day that collects the most wins. The 1st or 2nd hour classes of the day work the best for this, as donuts or bagel party for that class work the best.
The class with the best decorated “Donation Station” also wins a consolation prize.

What works best?

A video game drive works best when a student club helps organize the video game drive and has teachers that are willing to help as well.


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