Saturday, September 30 we had the honor of being part of something that shows the strength in numbers in the fight against childhood cancer.

We were invited by the childhood cancer organizations Comedy 4 Cancer/ A Mission Of Love to be guests along with Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures and to help spread the word of how our organizations help children cope with cancer. We meet Noah, an 11 year old fighter and hero as well as many parents of children fighting, surviving, and coping with cancer. We post all the time that no child or family fight cancer alone...No truer statement was made Saturday night. If want to see the true impact of how childhood cancer organizations help families, attend events, see and meet the families that we help, they are some the most grateful people you will ever meet!








Comedy 4 Cancer is brought to us by the Childhood Cancer nonprofit organization A Mission of Love!

Comedy 4 Cancer is a live event fundraisers for the childhood cancer charity A Mission Of Love.

These events are also dedicated to the memory of their daughter Stephaine K Marshall who passed away from cancer at 13 years old on April 11th 2015. It was Stephaine that wanted to start the website / charity back in December 2014 when she was diagnosed with Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma an inoperable brain tumor.

For as terrible as childhood cancer is...It has a way of bringing people together.
Thank you Comedy 4 Cancer for including Alex's Arcade-Helping Kids Cope With Cancer in your fundraising efforts to help children cope with cancer!

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