" We love what your organization does and we want to help too"
That's exactly what Terry's TerraceDK Beercade v2.0 did!
We are so grateful to have them partner with us!

Sunday December 10th was one of those days that make running Alex's Arcade-Helping Kids Cope With Cancer so worth the work and efforts of so many people.
We held our 1st ever Arcade Party for families affected by childhood cancer, from children going through treatment to families that lost a child to cancer.

We had families from around the Metro Detroit attend the Arcade Party.

The families had children undergoing treatment, survivors, and those that lost a child to cancer.

The party was to help provide a time and a place for families to escape and cope with the stress of the reality of childhood cancer.

Thank you Terry's Terrace and DK Beercade v2.0 for making the Arcade Party for Alex's Arcade-Helping Kids Cope With Cancer and the families that came out an awesome time.

The kids thought the video games were awesome and the adults said that the food was fantastic. (Sorry...the kids cleaned out the claw machine) Thank you for helping in making a difference and helping raise awareness for childhood cancer and the families that it affects.

We wouldn't have been able to have this party if it wasn't for the help of JD Marshall and A Mission Of Love for getting in contact with the families that came out. 

Thank you everyone involved for making this event such a success!

You know what's awesome?
When a local business says...