An Easter Surprise to the children on the oncology floor!
Today we donated Xbox's, along with several games to go with them...Also Classic Genesis, Flashback Atari, Portable Genesis(handheld)...8 gaming systems in all.

In total Alex's Arcade has donated over 20 gaming systems to the infusion center at Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, MI
Games that provide an escape and a way for child with to cope with treatments and hospital stays.

We don't post to boast, we post because we are so happy that so many people come together to show that #NoChildFightsCancer

It makes us so happy to announce and welcome Gamers Wit Attitude as an official sponsor of Alex's Arcade-Helping Kids Cope With Cancer.

It's awesome to have such a group believe in the work we are doing and want to be a big part to help children cope with cancer through the use of video games, and to spread childhood cancer awareness to whole new group of people.

A bit of information about G.W.A, it's roots, and it's current direction.

"G.W.A started with just one person named Dave. His character name is Ballsrog. He built the G.W.A brand through his work with,, Cave Radio, and IT in the D radio. The group was producing a biweekly podcast that was released on sound cloud and were working with several local comics stores as sponsors on promotions and other media bits. "

For more information about Gamers Wit Attitude please visit their website:

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Friday May 5th, 2017, Alex and our Board President (Alex's Dad) James Craven were on 910am Superstation with Karen Dumas.

What a great experience and time to talk about Alex's Arcade-Helping Kids Cope With Cancer, and to get the community more involved with our organization

Alex is in the red flannel shirt) Take a listen... #NoChildFightsCancerAlone



#Cope #Hope #Support



Our Mission

Welcome To Alex's Arcade

Together we can all help kids cope with cancer...

Inspired by childhood cancer survivor, Alex Craven and his love of video games, Alex's Arcade provides video games to children with cancer to be used as an escape and coping mechanism.

How we help kids cope with cancer

Alex's Arcade is here to help kids cope with cancer, whether it's donating gaming systems to Children's Hospital, fundraising for our cause, advocating for childhood cancer awareness, or fulfill a dream for a family fighting cancer.

The feeling of helping others, making a difference in the lives of children, or being the reason that child or family can cope with cancer a little easier...Is like no other.

Alex's Arcade is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides video games as a coping mechanism to children diagnosed with cancer and advocates for childhood cancer awareness.


Not only can video games provide an escape from reality for children diagnosed with cancer, they also reduce the stress of being in the hospital.



The inspiration for Alex's Arcade-Helping Kids Cope With Cancer, Alex Craven...

attended honors night at his high school, where he will be graduating Cum Laude, receiving 4 academic awards, as well as 2 scholarships for being a cancer survivor.

The Harold I. Gach Memorial Scholarship (from MSU) and the The Stefan Oncia Memorial Scholarship for Henry Ford II H.S. seniors.

The Stefan Oncia Memorial Scholarship is available to any Henry Ford II High School senior that has overcome a hardship and plans to attend a post secondary educational program.

Stefan Oncia passed away from childhood cancer before graduating from Henry Ford II, his memory and will to help others lives on in his memorial scholarship.

Alex is a childhood cancer survivor, that will be attending Michigan State University in the Fall of 2017 with an intended major in Zoology.

Why Video Games?

We are so proud of Alex and Kristen!

They wanted to find a way to get the kids from their high school involved with Alex's Arcade...

With the help of the Key Club at Henry Ford II High School in Sterling Heights, MI, they held a very successful "Keep Calm and Game On" video game drive.

Collecting over 90 used video games, they raised over $200!

The proceeds will go towards new games that will be donated to the oncology department at Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, MI.


#Amazing #Awesome

Our goal for this event is to raise $10,000  that will be used to provide video gaming systems for the inpatient rooms on the oncology floor at Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, MI....Click Here For More Information