Inspired by childhood cancer survivor, Alex Craven and his love of video games, Alex's Arcade provides video games to children with cancer to be used as an escape and coping mechanism.


Our 1st Donation

Before Alex's Arcade became an official nonprofit organization, we had garnered enough support to make our made 1st donation of 6 Xbox's to Children's Hospital of Michigan in June of 2014

Not only can video games provide an escape from reality for children diagnosed with cancer, they also reduce the stress of being in the hospital.



Why Video Games?

Infusion Center Donations

By September 2016, Alex's Arcade had donated 13 video game systems & over 40 games to the infusion center at Children's Hospital of Michigan

Dream Experience

New in 2016 Alex's Arcade started the Dream Experience for kids and their families to fulfill something they always dreamed of doing together.

Welcome To Alex's Arcade

Together we can all help kids cope with cancer

Alex's Arcade is here to help kids cope with cancer, whether it's donating gaming systems to Children's Hospital, fundraising for our cause, advocating for childhood cancer awareness, or fulfill a dream for a family fighting cancer.

The feeling of helping others, making a difference in the lives of children, or being the reason that child or family can cope with cancer a little easier...Is like no other.

Our Mission

 ALEX'S ARCADE in Action

How we help kids cope with cancer

Alex's Arcade is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides video games as a coping mechanism to children diagnosed with cancer and advocates for childhood cancer awareness.